Arriving at the scheduled rendezvous, I was astounded by the sheer number of Hashers and pooches that were congregating at the Oval. After about 5 minutes of figuring out who was who (and which dog belonged to which Hasher !) it was clear that we were at the same spot as lots of the Darlingtonites who have “Doggy Playtime” as the sun starts to set ! LOVELY !

There were about 8-10 new Hashers who had mostly arrived independently after seeing the web page. They were from as far afield as Indonesia, Illawarra and Mt Helena !

So the Hare of the Day, Shagged Out, gave a short speech about there being no hills (IN DARLINGTON…..ARE YOU SERIOUS !) and all the usual spiel. We were informed that runners and walkers would never meet and a truer word was never spoken.

Walkers certainly started with a MASSIVE hill section that had a virgin walker crying out in pain of burning legs and not enough energy to continue (but she did) Runners went off into the abyss and although there were apparently short cutters and lost persons (we were not lost, just admiring the scenery ???) they all came back in one piece.

On return, we had nibblies and a few small helpings of ginger wine then the circle was called by a shrill ear shattering whistle (no problems with hearing at Hash !) We had the usual suspects having to have the punishment dished out to errant Hashers, which was yet another concoction but it was actually pleasant. So I am told  ? ( NOTE TO SELF: Must try to have UN-pleasant down-downs) VIRGINS were dragged out by Light My Fire to have their first Down-Down and were jolly good at it…Hashers in the making !

By this time, Redlight had arrived with a super Hash Nosh for us which was demolished with gusto as we had competition from the multitude of hounds on kamikaze missions to get a sniff, lick or even a feed from any unsuspecting Hashers plate !

Till next week


P B  xxx

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