TOM….A…TO’S ! (NOT !)

Really, when setting a run near a lovely lake, eg. Victoria, Superior, Argyle,  Leschenaultia, Capsicum, Pumpkin  or Cucumber, maybe let the Hashers ACTUALLY go around it a few times…  🙁

Oh well, so the Hashers mostly (more later!) arrived very, very early just because it was very, very far from the Hills which is a problem for lots of nervous Hills Folks. ( OMG I HAVE TO TRAVEL TO THE FLATS ! Food packs, weather report & RAC road alerts mandatory !) We had many returnees from last week which was just great as well as a Hasher newly arrived to Hills Hash from parts of deepest, darkest WA country !

The Hare gave us a great set of instructions….go that way..> .walkers and runners on same trail till they split..<   > .! ?  Off we went in the direction of roads and streets with the odd little strip of park here and there ! Eventually, we did manage to enjoy the balmy (barmy) afternoon in a multicultural setting which this park is famous for, and for a lot of good reasons. Really good facilities & how many councils are there who provide great water stations to fill up bottles, doggie bowls and have a surprise water jet to get you in the eye ? Loved it. !!!

Runners blamed each other for short-cutting, as well as arriving back from different directions and thisW applied to walkers as well. Did not matter though as we all had a good time. Well done to the Hares who were always making sure everyone was  ” ÖN TRAIL”  even if THEY had to shortcut !

At the circle there were the usual punishments administered by a really sore and  tired GPS !(He is a busy man !)  Also, it has to be noted that there was a bit of a problem with a TOM-TOM ! Was this fate.?..A couple of Hashers arrived 20 minutes too late for the run due to an un-helpful TOM-TOM ! (Who was the Hare again ?)

Lets not laugh (much) at this as it was a lovely run with a great group of eager sports persons ! We love our sport !

Till next weak !


Pink Bits  xxx

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