El Keeno’s Bush Bash into the Great Unknown !

Hashers gathered at the designated spot and it was a jolly good turnout again at Hills Hash. There was a bit of “put the orange foot in, put the orange foot out, in, out ……in, out,………Oh forget it…….everyone could see where we were ”

The GM asked the Hare, El Keeno, to gave out instructions but they  were sadly unheard, due to unnecessary chatter in the circle ! Get a grip GM….more control needed !

So, we took off,  runners and walkers on the same path till the walkers veered off on a tangent. Then again maybe not, as walkers were confronted by err….walkers coming from other direction…Hmm…something going on here ?! Runners in the meantime, charged through the bush in gay abandon as there was sooooo much abandon, bush tracks and new discoveries. (Or something like that !) On return, there was a conscientious person ticking off everyone who had returned safely and we all had. It was a fairly short run and the usual short-cutting b’s got their down-downs. This week’s drinks were brought to you by Hash Splash and were quite BLAH having just beer ? but actually,  NO …….beer and flat soda water…Say no more.  There was also a notable event ! A naming was held and now we have a “Belt Up” in our midst ! Congrats to Mike !

After the circle, Haberdash had a car boot sale and many t-shirts were purchased by keen new Hashers.

So till next week



Pink Bits  x


P.S. Beware the Monk is cracking down on Hashers NOT wearing Hash gear….

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