The Hot Run (again)

Only the very brave Hills Hashers turned up for the run this week as the weather was 40degrees + –  The road to the venue was very dry and dusty, wasn’t it Franga ? The illustrious GM Skippy was Hare and he mumbled some vague instructions as we set off that way >>>>>>> As it was a very hot day we thought, foolishly that it would be short and sweet, but it turned out to be more like long-ish and sweat-ish !!! The joy of the first 5 minutes walk was quickly observed to be quite a lot down hill so that only meant it would be a steep climb up on the way back. Groan ! The runners were heard in the distance with horn blowing and when our paths crossed, they emerged a bit hot and bothered as we all faced a jolly steep bit. After more groans they sped off (in different directions I believe) and after a few tumbles and flip overs (no one was hurt, just pride) arrived back for a sit down and a cool drink.

In the circle, there were a few down-downs for silliness, being a bit dyslexic and of course short cutting of which there was a fair bit ! There was a lovely moment when Pink Bits thought the weather had broken and it started to rain, alas it was just a beer shower ! ! !

Despite the weather, it was a very pretty run and well marked too.

Till next week



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