How Green is Your Irish ?

Stunning turn out for this auspicious occasion ! Most Hashers were resplendent in green to honour St Patrick’s Day ! ! ! The joint Hares were Leapfrog and Passiona who assured us that it was a short run so that we can gather to consume a meal and Guinness ! (Oh…. that’s two meals isn’t it ?)

Walkers set off along a pleasant bridle path with the runners up ahead dilly dallying around checks etc. The run was amongst some great shady bush tracks that had everyone saying what a pleasant evening this turned out to be after the heat haze of past weeks. Needless to say we all returned safely and had a few moments to refresh before the circle.

Despite there being a few usual and unusual short cutting b’s, we had a fun circle with green down-downs then on to the serious business of BBQ’s, salads and all sorts of dark liquids

Till next time


Pink Bits    🙂


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