Cocos Island: Coconuts, Coral, Crabs and Chickens !

Hills Hashers departed Perth on a Virgin plane for a week of Hashing and what a week it was ! ! !

Our schedule had three Official Hash runs…..


  1. South Island on Wednesday 23 March.

Not knowing what to expect, we boarded motorized canoes and headed from West Island to South Island. The run was set by Kelpie and Dasher and the trail was marked with old buoys with red ribbons hanging from coconut tree fronds. It wound its way through the coconut forest and along palm fringed beaches. All lovely. We cooled of in the lagoon with drinks and had a short circle (Oh how deceived we were !) We then returned to West Island  and had ANOTHER circle, where we had the pleasure of having :sleeves” placed on our arms for down-downs ! Mind you, Baileys was offered as well as many, many beers. Their circles went on for ever and ever !…….Dinner was spit roast beef, lamb and fish  and more beers !


  1. Direction Island Saturday 26 March.

We got the 9.30 ferry and arrived just as the sun came out for a perfect tropical beach day run. It was a 3/4 hour run along rough coral beaches and dark coconut groves. We had a drink stop along the way. Our new purple tops looked colorful against the green palms. We had a huge circle in the sea with floating eskys ! (Could get used to this !!!) Again alas, we had many, many down-downs and the beer just kept coming ! However, we now had the novelty drink of Baileys in marshmallow cups. ! ! Skippy in his wisdom, introduced them to ÍCING’ which was not in their usual repertoire however, it was more Hills Hashers who had to park their derrieres on the block of ice ! There was a chance of some snorkeling before the BBQ of sausages, steaks, patties and fish along with bread and salads


  1. West Island Trannies Beach Monday 28 March

This was the mother of all runs as it required us to  “Dress up”  and included bunny ears ! Everyone was kitted out in dress-up mode which made for some interesting moments ! Hills Hashers did not let the side down and were kitted out in some fancy gear ! Our bunny ears were decorated with frangipani flowers. The hare was Dosh and she had set a run by using blue strips of cloth hung in the palm trees. Again, there were some dark coconut grove tracks and beach walking, this time without the dreadful rough coral which was a bit like on our very gravelly paths in the Hills…treacherous ! On return to the circle which was quite long again with copious amounts of beers, we had the highlight of getting down-downs of Baileys in small chocolate Easter eggs YUMMO ! Dinner was another great BBQ.  We sang our Hills Hash song at the end and also, prepared a song for them as they didn’t have one. This was warmly welcomed but left them a bit bemused !


So there is a snapshot of the Hashing events on Cocos. We got to see some amazing sights both on and below the water so check out our photos

Till next week ON-ON

Pink Bits     ???

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