Dogs, Dogs and Still More Dogs ! (Oh, and a Beach or Two)

We had a great turn-out for the run this week and at the correct time of  *  4PM  *  ! The Monk had worked his magic and the weather remained wonderful ! We were given the usual instructions from the Hares and off went the excited, expectant pack ! Runners and walkers trails were set in opposite directions so paths occasionally crossed and the horn was heard quite a lot over the sound of jets from the nearby airport.

There was a large expanse of bushland, floodplain, river-bank and open grassed area. All in all, a vey pleasant Sunday afternoon which was also evident by the large number of locals promenading with their little or BIG pooches !

Back in the circle (with no-one lost this week !) there were some nibblies and a shot of green ginger wine.Then on to the serious business of Hashing when we had the usual charges including short-cutting b’s, no Hash attire or just for being Skimpy-just for being …..etc.!

After, a few of us stayed for a beaut BBQ ending just as it got dark.

Till next week…..


Pink Bits x

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