iPadius’s Introductory Incline !

What a splendid day it was for a series of “Firsts” Young iPadius got to set his first run, it was the first Sunday with proper rain for most of the run and we lost a certain Hasher for the first time ! ! !

We assembled at the Darlington ‘Railway Station’ carpark as the clouds started to look a bit ominous. The Hare gave us some basic guidelines about no hills or water ! Ha ..Ha ! The walk was set by Shagged Out who mentioned that it may be a tad long ! Ha again !!!

So we set off as the heavens opened and those brave and fearless runners took off at speed (in the hope of running between the raindrops ?) and from all accounts it was a somewhat arduous run with lots of hills and, obviously, water.

The walkers had to navigate narrow paths with dripping everything and went up & up &up into the clouds (really !) Then it went down & and down and then flattened out to be in Glen Forrest or Chidlow or somewhere a long way away from the venue.

Still, eventually we all got back *** EXCEPT FOR FRANGA*** who came from the completely wrong direction after meeting some Darlingtonites who helped him find his way back ! (Almost another Skimpy Hee …..Hee !)

The circle was quite lively as the down-downs were spiked with Sambucca (Sorry GPS ! again and a BIG sorry to poor Karri who almost wore the spit) and it wasn’t really nice with the Fanta’s ! Plenty of fines were handed out but as it looked like even more rain, we abandoned the circle. As umbrellas were opened Pink Bits managed to skittle Karri but being a brave little collie she just ran to her owner and was escorted to her car ! Hope she is ok ?



Pink Bits x

P.S. Hash Nosh next week !

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