The ” Mudder ” of All Runs !

A jolly good turn out,  considering everyone had some sort of mother event somewhere ! ! ! ? ? ? Oh, and those who donned frocks ….10/10 folks !

The venue was most appropriate for the day and the Monk had again worked his voodoo powers to keep the weather beautiful…..thanks.GPS ! The walk and run was considered great by everyone !

No-one was lost , which is good, so at the circle there was not much to report, except that S K I M P Y refused to wear the bucket of shame.  Not very sporting is it…?. He would not to have his down-down with the straw ! SHAME ON YOU ! Everyone is happy to do that but not him….and it caused some significant consternation for the poor Monk (Ah…with all his disappointments its not fair !) However, come to think of it…the bucket didn’t fit his head cos his head is so big..:)(OK never mind if you missed this ….lets leave it there !)

Next weeks run is HASH NOSH !




P B  xxx

One Response to “The ” Mudder ” of All Runs !”

  1. Anonymous May 12, 2016 at 4:17 am #

    I beg to differ, I did actually miss a turn (and did kindof get lost) involving an EXTRA hill to decend then have to ascend again!