A Virgin No More !

This weeks run was set by Pink Bits and Dripper. This venue had been where Pink Bits had set her first ever run in 2009 !

Most observant Hashers saw the ON HOME markings at the start and were bemused that we would be so obvious but we were a bit devious really! The Hares gave instructions of the usual sort but with the added embellishment that there was a drink stop and  you didn’t have to look for under bushes ! Walkers and runners set off in different directions on a pleasant and sunny afternoon. On arriving at the drink stop, (the walkers were first) there was an array of colourful cups and cocktail umbrellas with a couple of options ! Needless to say, there was a bit of muttering about leaving some splash for the runners (???) but then they departed just as the horn sounded and the runners appeared. From their appearance, they had indeed gone up a hill, down a hill and up a hill again ! Not many chances to short cut ! Refreshed (ooh I’ll have another one of those…..) the runners carried on for a bit more bush bashing. Meanwhile, walkers had progressed towards the ON HOME and arrived just a few moments before the runners.

In the circle, there were a few down-downs that were obviously deserved and the Monk complained that no-one mentioned that he had worked hard to give us such good weather !

We had a special birthday celebration **Happy Birthday Made Muffin**  complete with drinks and cake, which was a perfect end to the Hash formalities.

A bunch of us went to the Parky for dinner which was enjoyed by all except Baldrick….who came too late for a lamb shank ! (Dripper probably got the last one !)



The AGPU will be at Chatters Midland on 9th July at 6.30 Names to Pink Bits please as soon as possible. All trophies to be brought back to Pink Bits as well thanks. Please arrange to return during the week if need be.



Pink Bits    ?   ?

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