Fire and Rain!

Well, what do you expect from a run set by Skimpy ? There was a looming sky but the Monk had done his best to keep the rain away ! We were given some random instructions by a Co-Hare, Sheep Shunter, and started off. The runners were going round in circles as were the walkers following them ! This all started to look a bit of a joke, when Lo and Behold, the Hare appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to point in the ON-ON direction ! Very funny until we hit a fence or two (no-one remembers the short legged ones ?) then staggered  around the suburban parts of Helena Valley. For what should have been a fine, Skimpy found a GIANT table and chairs on a verge being offered for free that he wanted.  Willing Hashers (the healthy, fit ones ?) could come back and help carry it the 5km back to his house, maybe ? (Phaff ! NOT LIKELY)

Anyway there was a drink stop which added some points to the very poorly marked trail.  Most of us got back ok but Maleny and Scooby Doo were very far behind and Baldrick just didn’t get far at all. The heavens opened up just as the walkers returned so we ate some lovely nosh that Light My Fire cooked up and had the circle afterwards. As the rain drummed down on the shelter we were crammed in, needless to say we could hardly be heard and the GM and Monk lost all control. The fire kept going though and actually, it was a really good night !T

Till next week….


Pink Bits    ?


PS- Remember bring back all awards ASAP

AGPU 9th July @ Chatters 6.30pm

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