GPS Was Not Disappointed !

In true form it bucketed it down during the course of the run this week ! GPS has a run from his place, in the flats, once a year and in the last 3 we have had substantial rain….. this was no exception !

We were given some chalk (flour) talk and runners set off with a blackening sky. Walkers, only a few of us, marched with umbrellas and raincoats at the ready. The trail was well marked, so well marked that even walkers having a *pod picking stop* were able to keep on trail. Again, sadly, it was a bit of a “round the burbs” meander and nothing more challenging than crossing very busy roads. Just as the walkers were within sight of on-home, the heavens opened and with a quick sprint we were undercover. Not so for a few of the runners though ! Obviously it was the blinding rain that obscured vision and so stragglers came in somewhat drenched but with mutterings of trail going off here there and everywhere except here ! Still, we thought we were all back but …no…one Hasher was prominent by missing. Being a good Hasher GPS said he was going to look for him after a few beverages !!! (and by then the rain might have stopped) Actually one community minded Hasher did go off in a car to look for him….found him…but…wouldn’t let him in the car ‘cos he was TOO WET !  HA HA HA

Eventually back at the venue, we had lots of clothes swapping, which was funny as it just goes to show that our names on jumpers is how we know who we are talking to ! ? ! There were bra’s flying and t-shirts being wrung out so really just a normal Hash run ! The circle was difficult for both the GM and Monk to keep control of the mob but the stand-out moment came when GPS (Monk) named Malany   ***  THUMPER *** So welcome to Hills Hash Thumper!

GPS cooked a lovely beef rendang which was tasty and spicy ! Thanks mate ! We all had a great night !

Till next week


Pink Bits  xxx  ?

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