Franger…..the Great….. Run !

Starting out from Glen Forrest Train Park,  the pack split into 2 and went in opposite directions. Franger (run) and Pink Bits (walk) went to lots of trouble to arrange this week’s run and it was a perfect day for it too !  Sadly, many regular runners were not there but the few, committed, conscientious and cunning runners were there to participate with gusto !

Walkers had a pleasant ramble through the bush, bridle trail and leafy streets but runners were …..well…..on a long road to oblivion. Pink Bits knowing that Franger would have set a…..err…lengthy run…… timed the walk to be of a reasonable length but apparently it was not long enough. The run was of about 10 km (sweat….sweat…!)  and involved crossing the busy highway and braving the ravages of the JF National Park (with creepy animals and wiggly thing……..No……wait…that was the runners !)

Needless to say, it was a long wait for the walkers before the runners returned, a bit hot and bothered but seemingly, very happy with a G R E A T run !

In the circle, the down-downs flowed for quite a while for so many reasons that are too many to mention. Franger had many as did Trainwreck and his entourage ! The circle eventually fell into complete chaos, with neither direction or control from the *stand-in GM* or the *Monk* and ably interrupted by Skimpy (what’s new ?)

ON-ON to next week’s run which may have more discipline ???


Pink Bits xxx


REMINDER      AGM (amazing thingy) 9th July at Chatters 6.30    BYO wine only     Buy beer there    $10 per adult   ?   ?   ?  ?

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