The Run That Was The Last One For This Year !

What a jolly turn out…! We were all crammed in the Helena Valley PS carpark in anticipation of a great run. The weather was fine, the Hare was with-it with instructions so what could go wrong ?  🙂 Obviously everything….but to begin with……we went off in opposite directions which pleased us walkers as we went downhill a fair way before walking up into the glorious up-hill bit that gave us views and broken ankles with all the rocks ! Hey wasn’t that bad…we had a lovely there and back walk without incidents. (if you don’t count Lady Gaga and Pick Up Chick jumping out of the bushes to scare us ! BLAH !)  Of course, the runners came back with a bit of a mutter about stuff I really can’t remember, but in-tact and enjoying a beverage or 10. THEN the poop hit the fan as out expectant Mum was missing…With visions of “giving birth in the bush naturally” GULP ! yours truly and Dad-to-be, took off in the car to search for her ! Two other Hashers sauntered down the lane in a casual way (DID YOU THINK TO TAKE TOWELS, HOT WATER AND FLUFFY BUNNY RUGS ? HUH ?)   but all ended well as there she was having done the whole run in a slow and steady way ! (PHEW !)

Back in the circle, we were entertained by the GM and Monk at their last HURRAH ! Down-downs were plenty and charges were all over the place.

Looking forward to the dinner on Saturday night and ON-ON next Sunday with a brand new (old) Committee ! Could be some surprises….. !


Pink Bits   xxx    ?    ?    ?    ?    ? (not specifically in that order)

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