As we congregated at the scheduled venue, it started to become apparent that we were rather short on Hashers ! Not too unusual as the night before had been the AGPU so maybe a few sore heads but …really…only so few ? The GM blew his horn but there was no answer. We then trotted off around the place and Lo ! and Behold !…there were two venues. We quickly amalgamated but we started off a bit late and with a bit of consternation as Hash Splash had not arrived….GULP!… With the prospect of a thirsty run, walkers and runners set off in opposite directions and really never saw each other until the end. The walk was a pleasant saunter through leafy streets and Effluent suburb ! The run went somewhere else and was L O N G Thanks to P.M. for setting a great challenge for runners. They came back from all sorts of directions !

Back at the circle, the Splash had arrived (some useless excuse about having another life …) so there was no shortage of down-downs and some yummy cake and snacks.

Hope everyone enjoyed the dinner the night before and managed to get enough T/A food for a few more nights ! ? !

Till next week


Pink Bits    xxx

P.S.    A naming occurred this week which was so very special……*SPOT ON* got her name as she was so …err…spot on…in finding trail for a long time now… Well done Miss and we hope you enjoy your new Hash name !

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