Skippy’s Avon Stuff-up !

So, in the words of our illustrious GM, there are 52 weeks in the year and the Avon descent is only on one of them and he chose Fishmarket Reserve, Guildford  ON THAT DAY  and it would be packed with cars and sightseers !

After hasty emails, texts and Facebook entries, everyone was notified of the change of place…..(not too far from original)  so it was still busy but nevertheless we assembled, got instructions and set of with a blackening sky


The run and walk were criss-crossing a fair bit and included some great bushland around Kings Meadow Polo fields. Sadly, the skies opened up and had walkers (wimps) dashing off for tree shelter. It didn’t last long though, so everyone eventually got back, somewhat damp, but relieved to find the splash was in place. There was a bit of a debate about the fact that a bazillion footy fans (it was a derby match !) would be getting off the train in Guildford and attacking Alfred’s Kitchen, where we too were going to partake of the delicacies. Some of us dashed off to order food but already, we had to wait a while.


Imagine our shock and surprise when we got back, the circle was over (What….without us ! ?)  and many Hashers had gone home…well…really !!! I gather there are fines and down-downs being kept over to next week ??? (Is that legal…will anyone remember ?….Does anyone care…?)

So with full belly’s and damp heads (and socks !) we left Guildford to its influx of footy fans…..Eagles won…. Whoopee Do !



Pink Bits     x

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