Net flat

Hare: Traiwreck
On On: Darlington oval

Darlington, renown for its vast open spaces and complete lack of undulation, provided us with a pleasant environment to walk, wander, occasionally run, and watch the death throes of a flattened duck. It was my first run back for 6 months, and Nameless also made an appearance after 2 or 3 years of not appearing. The run was without incident and reasonably inoffensive, for those not offended by knee destroying hills, will conquering loops, and numerous little spots of plain (or self raising!) flour.

So we ran around Darlington. Walkers walked around Darlington. Someone was temporarily lost, then found again (but aren’t we all???). Beers were drinked…

After 6 months I am glad and also horrified to see the circle behaviour hasn’t changed. Pink Bits meandered. Skippy displayed no semblance of control. The crowd was ugly and defiant.  All was at it should be in a perfect Hash world.

On On,
El Keeno


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