….And After The Wash-Up …!

Wet, wet, wet was the weather report but in lovely sunshine the Hare P. Merah said he set the long run as it was such a fine day. Runners and walkers set out onto a gorgeous trail through spring flowers springing up everywhere with what appeared to be clearing skies. WRONG…Not many looked back at the BLACKNESS looming ominously.

The intrepid runners could be heard in the distance with occasional horn blowing and shouting. Walkers and runners parted trails and wound their various ways to the start. There were some steep hills and true to form, P.M. set a long run for all. Just towards the end of run and walk, the heavens opened up and it got somewhat damp.

Early back at the start Baldrick (I walk fast)  decided to light the fire we had prepared  earlier which warmed the wet Hashers. We debated the prospect of eating at the bush venue or moving to more shelter so had a quick circle while the hailstones hammered us relentlessly ( joking… there were only a few !) There were lots of SCB’s etc then off we fled to the shelter of the Train Park. After a bit of a nervous wait (surely the Nosh will arrive here soon …lets have another port/drink ?) we were beautifully fed-up with Red Dwarf’s magnificent Chilli con Carne….in 3 very distinctly different levels of heat….Mild, Medium and….I Dare You ! Fabulous delicious and warming to the cockles of the heart…

Till the next adventure…



Pink Bits   ?

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  1. Little Weed August 28, 2016 at 6:26 am #

    Chilli con Carne WHAT!