A Boutique Run.

It was a select crowd of Hashers rolling up to the back blocks of Mt Helena.  Perhaps the threatening skies and the lack of an RA gave some pause, though the weather was excellent for running.  Nevertheless the Boutique crowd gathered in the sight of our Hare and GM Skippy, and all agreed that, as the Splash had turned up, all of the important person had arrived.


For a run ostensibly set in the middle of the Darling Escarpment, it was remarkably flat.  Quite dulating in fact.  The Hare had spent a great deal of time and effort on the run and all three runners were extremely impressed.  Passiona, due to illness, remained at camp and we returned to a well tended fire.  Walkers were equally pleased, both with the walk and the fire.


Nameless, possibly yearning for a summer still some weeks away, joined the group at the end of the run.  There was a circle, there were down downs, and there was agreement that a boutique run with a boutique crowd was simply…. well… boutique.


One Response to “A Boutique Run.”

  1. Little Weed September 3, 2016 at 8:08 am #

    Good to see Madonna back “On On”
    Low & behold dare I say it was the 1st “Non” DS organised by THAT Hare in a while!