P M Does It Again on Father’s Day !

Don’t know how he does it, but P M managed to set another amazing (boutique quality, I’d say) run. There was a substantial turn out for this week’s run with some returnee’s and a very NEW-NEW Hasher in Max J, baby of Free Beer & Skimpy.

Cute baby ! ! !

After some photos of everyone wearing beards, mo’s and other hairy appendages, we got the run instructions and set off with gusto, knowing “go down the road”  actually meant “go UP”  so expecting hills as usual we were not disappointed. Runners were off and gone while walkers plodded on up and over ridges and past lovely babbling brooks (only to find you had to cross the babbler…) Still, walkers and runners crossed paths and eventually came back to the start. Welcome drinks were consumed and once GPS found his way back… the circle was called.

First down-downs were presented to all Dad’s by GM and it was a very decent, quality, boutique drink. Then as there were many down-downs poured, people with new shoes, anyone who spoke out of turn, someone who upset the RA and of course, Franger got to sample the special down-downs.

A fantastic presentation was made to iPadius of the Monks Dash award as he was not at the Annual Dinner. He was completely surprised and stoked to hear that he got to keep it for 1 whole year. (he was told to keep it polished !)

So ended a beautiful day of Hashing…for which we had the RA to thank.

Curry restaurant beckoned …. it was great !

Pink Bits

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