With the weather report not being crash hot AND NO Hash Nosh a very respectable group of Hashers still turned up for this week’s run. Dosh and Wacuda set the trail through some simply stunning scenery with many, many wildflowers. To top it off there was a drinks stop with view and snakes ( you had to be there !) Wacuda used some interesting material for marking the trail and we can only hope it will not confuse anyone later on !!!

No-one was lost this week so as GM ran off to more important event….. (really ?) Vice stepped in to run the circle. Everyone agreed it was a great run. The Monk (whom we need to thank for keeping the rain away) had a few charges, mainly for sitting, leaning and some other obscure misdemeanor ! Other much more interesting charge was for Franger (again !) for telling us before the start that he was running over some ground to look for orienteering markers……..Phaff ! ………we all knew he was chasing Pokémon’s He was charged of course ! As the circle started to completely disintegrate into a talk fest, Leapfrog gave us next week’s run info…



We are participating in TREK THE TRAIL walk

Meet at BILGOMAN POOL at 9- 9.30 am on Sunday 25th September We will get a bus to the start of the walk in John Forrest  N P. W

Walk is approx. 2 hours


We have a table for 12 people  booked for lunch at the Tavern for noon

Please let Pink Bits know asap if you haven’t already said you will be having lunch



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