The Run That Was A Walk !

What a fabulous turn-out for the Trek The Trail event… We had a total of 20 Hashers, including babies, small children and middle sized children and sort of adults ….. who were ready to participate in this terrific morning ramble.

Once last minute arrangements were sorted out and we all knew where to gather, all went very smoothly……

We set off from the J F Tavern with the hope we would return there for lunch !

The trail was well marked (by the Shire…thank you) so no-one could get lost. It was a bit of a straight there and back fairly flat track and involved trudging through the Swan View tunnel ( dark…very dark and wet…..and the brave hearts went through without torches…hero’s !)

After arriving at the old Swan View railway station for much needed coffee…(give me coffee and no-one gets hurt !) we returned on the same trail and were back at the Tavern before we even knew it ! Smashing…on to a lovely lunch which left us all replete and smiling !

Great event Shire of Mundaring !

P B  xxx

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