The GPS and Rambling Show !

Well, a very select, small and boutique group of Hashers assembled in Kalamunda on a cold and windy day.

Raring to go, GM and Franger were positively champing at the bit (or were they just scantily dressed ?) and wanting to warm up ?So after words of wisdom from GPS (oh dear…) off we went, running and walking in sort of the same direction ! Some confusion ensued when Rambling, the co-hare, seemed unsure if it was where the walkers had to veer right, left, up or down but as walkers could hear the music at the pub at all times, we would never had been lost….

Everyone re-assembled, with no escapees or lost souls, and a quick cold circle was called by GM. We had some ordinary down-downs for nothing REALLY bad, and so ended another wonderful run…Brave souls stayed on for a quick BBQ and then went somewhere much warmer…..Brrrrr…..


On-On till next week…It will be warmer too !


P B xxx

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