Boating & Burning Bonanza !

Smashing day for Hashing  yet only a select boutique group turned up ! Never mind, we had the usual milling about (some on a lake I believe ?) then the GM called the circle. The Co-Hare, baby Max (setting his first run !!! Yay !) and  Skimpy ( Ye Gods !) gave a few vague instructions with much elbow pointing into the bush. ON-On was somewhere over there so off went the pack together…

The run was marked in Skimpy’s special way so as usual there was confusion but walkers having had a nod and a wink from Mummy Free Beer knew who to keep up with… Along the way there were a few points at which runners and walkers conjoined, interleaved and had near misses ! ! ! Then a car appeared and proceeded to throw a number of small people out as it continued on the road. ( Well, not literally, …) We happily got the kids to join us but P B was worried that there is a bit of a Hash habit of this occurring……… isn’t there Pick Up Chick…?

All Hashers enjoyed the wonderful weather and returned to the venue with more boating (so I am told..)

The circle was enjoyable with the Co-Hare doing double duty Down-downs and complaints were not too bad.  We had a visitor from Freo Hash who we hope wasn’t too traumatized ? ! A Birthday was acknowledged and everyone was keen to get on with the bonfire and the Nosh – so we tucked into a lovely chilli and lots and lots of cake ! Thanks to the Red family..The night was lovely and a super special moon came up (in the sky that is….. 🙂


Till next week…



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