Victor Rd Victorious Notorious

In point form:

  • hills (mostly up)
  • not enough checks to appease my lack of fitness
  • rusty barbed wire
  • premium snake country
  • hidden holes in undergrowth
  • eye-height pointed branches
  • numerous water crossings
  • blackberry
  • I didn’t find even a single free beer
  • even my 6 year old returned wounded

So, par for the course for Hash.

Once again I split before the circle, so perhaps Pink Bits can add something about the walk and other shenanigans…
On On
El Keeno


And now over to PB:

The walkers trail, au contraire dear El K, was just that…..a very pleasant stroll on a branch, water, spiky bush and nasty stuff FREE trail. It was a wee bit hilly in parts so was slightly challenging in sections but over all very pleasant. We were offered a choice of going as far as we wished, there and back, but recommended to continue to the end point as it was by far the best view….so most walkers did there own thing and had a lovely time. Babies returned early…walkers were next and then…..much later the runners came back as scarred warriors from the battlefields……  There was enough blood to stock Dracula for a while, especially as it was on the eve of Halloween ! ! !

Just as we thought we were all safely back,…….GPS  was noted to be missing. After the usual drinks and chat, more chat and drinks and then a bit of a discussion, no-one in particular was keen to look for him, but we eventually persuaded young Skippy to run on his young legs to look for him. It was just a short wait before they both came back running. GPS yet again lives up to his name.

After usual charges and complaints including one for El Keeno for lousy directions and welcoming new Hashers, the circle wound up and we left the local residents to THEIR road ! ! !

(Hey did the Monk fine himself for getting lost….?)



Pink Bits x


***  NOTE  5PM runs from now on  ***

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