All That Is Lost Is Found Again Part 2

Oh dear…..we seem to be having a spate of *losing or mislaying* Hashers.

Gathering on a splendid Sunday afternoon, we were given vague and generic instructions by the Hares and set off. Moments later, runners and walkers criss-crossed and generally milled about until some trail was found and horn blowing commenced !

Walkers had a relatively pleasant and easy time of it until we nearly missed a poorly marked turn. Unfortunately, one Hasher was up ahead and did miss the turn……and so the saga unfurled.

Back on trail the runners enjoyed their torture and walkers were sauntering back as again we criss-crossed and joined up just in time to find On Home. As a fitting finale, we were directed through a lovely Community Garden to refreshing beverages and comparison of bloody wounds…..

All in all it was a great run but suddenly, yes….. someone (not GPS !) was missing…search parties were contemplated (just for a minute !) but eventually it became clear that a concerted effort had to be mounted and full scale search was co-ordinated….to no avail actually as while the searchers were off looking, the *lost* Hasher with little persons attached returned a bit puffed but valiantly had followed the runners trail. Well done all….A BBQ followed (or curry which was yum !)




P B xxx

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