Lost In Space ! ? !

We have duel run reports this week. First From Pink bits:


So, what on earth is happening ? (How apt is that title…?)

On a lovely Sunday that had a slight promise of rain, the Hash gathering was in the Kalamunda side of the Hills…….(the DARK side I am thinking…)

As I was not there, I checked details from those who were and the end result was the following ……..

Great but steep run…mostly at 40 degrees … actually really, really hard going !

Fun run…

Best run… (just saying that)

Skimpy, Free Beer and baby went missing (Found)

Compass ran off and left the family with Leapfrog (BIG mistake…)

They got horribly lost …there was much shouting of being lost and local residents had to step in and find and help LOSERS…..! (probably cos of the noise )

Never mind all that…..the Hare left at circle time to pick up kids and was gone for 45 mins (whatever !!!)

The GM disappeared to some random gig (phaff !) The Vice GM was absent…..the RA was absent…(on the ocean). the Hare was still absent …..Leapfrog (with entourage) were absent ….

Dear Oh ! dearie me !

The On- Sec stepped up and did what had to be done… provide liquid refreshment (as Hash  Splash also WASN’T there) and try to look like he was in charge…

No Hashers were disadvantaged by this run…..Wish I’d been there…

On-On till Christmas fun !

P B xxx


Now, from Passiona:

Hash Headline – Record 9 lost on Hash Run

It all started so well – a glorious cool Sunday afternoon, an eager pack including 10 children and the promise of a great run (with drink stop) and a ‘walk in the park’ by our hare DOSH.

Well it ended up to be none of these……it even rained at the end .

We started at the end of Alpine Road in Kalamunda so that gave a clue to the expected terrain. BUT nobody expected actual vertical rock climbing!!

The pack of walkers parted company at the base of the rock face, no way was baby Max and his chariot going to follow the trail up the cliff. The walkers had lost their trail and ended up following the runners. We never expected to be stranded on the rough, rocky outcrops of Whistlepipe Gully.

Leapfrog ended up herding the four Mirline children up hill and down dale with the promise of the ‘drink stop’ around every corner. We all enjoyed the amazing views across to the city and a close encounter with a majestic raptor flying close by our heads.

At one point we lost direction with trail markings going all over the place.We had been walking for almost 2 hours and felt the Hash Rescue Team would be close at hand SO Leapfrog suggested we all scream a chorus of ARE YOU ON ….. No result. BUT when we all screamed WE ARE LOST we got the attention of a couple of dog walkers.

We followed their calls to the bottom of the gully where by some miracle we picked up new bold blue walkers trail markers.

The runners got back in just over an hour and enjoyed the well deserved refreshments including yummy nibbles provided by Thumper. Nobody was interested in going to hunt down the LOST walkers on the scrubby slopes.

Both groups of LOST walkers came home together. We all compared bloody cuts and grazes, the hare missed out on a HUGE fine thanks to our absent monk BUT we will all be a lot wiser when it comes to future DOSH runs. She is the ‘Queen of Crazy Trails’. Let us not forget her famous Zig-Zag marathon.

ON  ON to the Christmas Run next week at 4pm Lake Leshenaultia.

2 Responses to “Lost In Space ! ? !”

  1. dripper December 23, 2016 at 8:24 am #

    The GM leaves straight after the run, the RA and the Vice away, it was like one of those Star Trek episodes where the entire senior staff beam down to an away mission and leave the Phaser boy to talk to the Romulans…

  2. dripper December 23, 2016 at 8:26 am #

    I also like the fact the run reports are doing pistols and 20 paces…