Xmas all over again

It was a nice day to be at the lake. The grass was fresh, the air was warm, there were plenty of children to attract the ravenous march-flies away from myself…

We started promptly with a customary run around the lake, with cheers in the air all the way (kind of). It was good to see such a big crowd, and lots of long-time Hashers.

Santa turned up on his kayak after the run, and kiddies ran towards him (or were otherwise shoved) with glee. Prezzies gallore rained from his sack, and not a Hasher was disappointed.

Chrissy Dinner was a delight, with loads of everything…and deserts were awesome.

Thanks as usual to the usual suspects of organisers that make this happen every time, and to that magical eski that somehow appears every week to provide me with beer. And thank you, beer!

One Response to “Xmas all over again”

  1. Little Weed January 14, 2017 at 2:34 am #

    In my defence I protest that I did supply the requested large bottles of “bubbly” BUT apparently just the WRONG breed!! for one consumer anyway….