Brand New Year Run !

So, on a lovely New Years Day, we had a good turn – out with apparently not many hangovers. We assembled at Skimpy’s (who set the run with co-hare Dripper)  and were given convoluted instructions (of course…) eventually working out which way to go. Weather being favourable, it was a nice walk but not so for the runners, who had many extra km’s to complete the circuit. Flour and markings were far and few between so there was a bit more confusion for all, but we managed to get to the gorgeous drink stop at almost the same time.

I think everyone took a different way home, (just to add to the madness…) but when the circle was called, there were no lost Hashers……great way to start the year !

Charges were inflicted on a few undeserving Hashers ( I mean ….leaning !? ….) and all the usual nonsense ensued. It was a great run all up and nibbles were offered (as a means of deflecting from Skimpy’s rantings…..)

Till next week….


P B xxx

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