It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs….or so I am led to believe.

With the mercury still hovering on 36 degrees, scared Hashers were ushered on to the trails that were very, very long. The only saving grace was the great drink stop … so I am told.

Dripper was fined twice (not nearly enough ….I mean give the man a small Haberdash job and he stuffs that up too …!) and Hunny Bunny was fined for RACING …….Hunny Bunny …? What kind of edumacation is your Mum Dosh providing ?

On a sad note Gaylord the Pony was injured but not seriously …Phew….( Vet insurance not included in Hashing )

Orange cake and Pavlova were the desserts of choice for celebrating the lousy Haberdash stand-in’s birthday. ! Then it was off for fish n’chips (in that order…Gagging …) and the sun sets on another wonderful Hills Hash event.



P B  xxx

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