1800 Shades of Lingerie.

On this monumental and auspicious occasion, we were gathered at the back of the Sculpture Park (so as not to frighten the children … or parents …) Sadly, we did not have as big a group as we had hoped, but despite that the outfits were lovely and lingery to also celebrate Valentines Day (Oh the lurve ! ! !)

After the obligatory photo shoot (so Leapfrog doesn’t complain !) we were sent off to completely embarrass ourselves around the township of Mundaring…… round the pub, round the shops and cafes and round the neighborhood. No…it was NOT embarrassing it was liberating and fun…. GPS got a thumbs up from 2 young lasses in a car (sly old dog….!) everyone smiled at us and no-one got lost. In fact walkers and runners came back within 15 minutes of each other. That was the clever plan of the Hares, Dripper and Pink Bits as we had a feast to prepare and consume to celebrate the 1800th run. We had a celebratory drink that was not too popular (Dripper wanted to get rid of some sticky fortified wine which was mixed with soda water to dumb it down……..err…..lessen the sweetness)

Charges were few but NASTY as someone slipped that Sarspirella product in the down-downs…….then it was off to the BBQ’s for lovely “Deconstructed” (very in foodie style !)  burgers and snaggers.

No one went home hungry and even the woofers had a few treats. As the sun set we went home replete and Leapfrog will not pass out at the cost of the event.



P B xxxxxxx  :).

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