Wonderful Amazing Run ….. (or was it ?)

We started at the end of a dirt road that had ominous burn-out marks and some dips that nearly swallowed Franga’s car …… or so it seemed !

The Hares were keen … the group too was ready to go …and so we trotted off in a very happy mood ….oh dear … was that an omen… ?

As soon as the walkers saw the path VERTICALLY GOING UP & UP & UP &  UP we were so happy (sic)  and also we were having a meal afterwards …… and even a drink stop ! Needless to say, we had a harrowing time of it (except those privy to a short cut…. !) It was the MOST spectacular scenery (if you dared take your eyes off the rocky path …!) and we heard the distant sound of the runners horn every now and then    (mostly then … !)

Back at the circle, the Hares were suitably chastised with down-downs (which had horrid bits in them…..) and other charges were brought forth but really, Wacuda, you are not in Cocos anymore so do not try to run through bush WITHOUT MACHETE …..

DOSH provided a jolly decent meal afterwards (I think to make up for the trials and tribulations …?) so thank you… it was really lovely and we may even forgive Wacuda …eventually….

Till next week



P B  xxx

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