Ominous clouds were gathering as we congregated outside Mei’s Noodles (read Hot Mama’s)  for a special “down on the flats” run ! Scooby explained that due to rain, his flour markings could have washed away but the walkers trail was ok ! He was encouraged by the pack to be a “LIVE HARE ” and he set off as did the pack. The walkers soon realized that it was “bring out your dead” week so rummaged their way around the streets of East Vic Park with some amazing finds. It was sad to find streets with nothing on the verges.

Walkers frequently mixed up with runners (who said it was like herding sheep …..?) and we heard the horn quite a few times as we started to run out of obvious trail ! It was getting harder to work out just where the Hare was marking trail as we hadn’t seen him since the start ! He was certainly living up to his name !!!

Eventually, we arrived back at the start but no sign of Scooby….. He was still out there somewhere but not lost we felt ! As it started to get dark and we were a bit hungry, he ambled back having been informed we had all returned by our own trail ….. He was a bit surprised and miffed he had gone to the trouble of setting a bit of extra trail that was never used. Never mind, we can use it another time ! The circle was called and, immediately, the Hare had a down-down. It was followed by a few more ….  and the leaners were all fined as well. There were many leaners who did not learn their lessons …..

After, we assembled in the café and got stuck into noodles, soups and rice. It  was a great end to a good run then we found our way back to the safety of the Hills….!

(WARNING …… Next week we are down on the flats again so prepare yourselves)


Yours in Hashing

P B xxx

One Response to “SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU ?”

  1. Little Weed March 20, 2017 at 2:20 am #

    Thanks to “Hot Mumma” for the very generous and value for money meals, as I needed another Walk afterwards because I could hardly get up out of my chair, the beef noodles being sooooooooo filling!!!!!!