The Curious Incident on Roe Hwy !

Well those travelling to GPS’s house would have had a slow drive due to some incident that we didn’t see !

The run was set with the usual professionalism one expects from GPS Sadly, his assistant was less than generous with her flour (as per another club’s run report that I wrote …  “a bag of flour short of a trail !” Ha ! ) It was a fun green dress up day, it being St Patrick’s day celebration,

Runners seemed quite happy that there were no hills and were back before the walkers. We had a naming in the circle of the littlest G’Dosh who is now –  Lookout and she doused herself with her down-down (who influenced this child …!)

Then followed a super repast of Guinness and Beef stew and veggies… Thanks Redlight and Red Dwarf for a great dinner…also thanks to all and sundry for extra bits and pieces.


Till the next time we have the pleasure …


P B    x

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