Another glorious day had the pack assembling at the end of Victor Rd (note: NOT near the Water Corp gates as stated on website …)

PM as Hare gave a few pointers and we set off onto some great, gravelly bush tracks. Runners and walkers were on the same trail for a while then we veered off never to be seen again … till at the end.

That was an ominous statement as you will read on …

So walkers had a very pleasant, if warm, afternoon  (more like summer than autumn) and a few slippy paths to navigate until we reached the beachy pondy rivery thingy!  We had a look (no sharks PM …was joking !) then retraced our steps following M’s. We were almost back at the start when the horn was sounded and the runners raced past getting back just before walkers. Unfortunately, the one runner that had splash was a bit further behind so we had to wait with thirsty tongues a bit longer !!!

As the GM called the circle, we noticed (only just …) that …yes you guessed it … one of the runners was missing (actually 3 but we didn’t know that the other 2 had decided to run today …safety first guys !!!)

A search party was eventually organised with rope, tackle and emergency beacons (I lie …) and set off to find GPS !

This allowed for a few more beverages while waiting and watching the sun set (Oooooh… its getting dark….)

Then just in time, all errant Hashers were sighted and circle called. The safety bra had to be brought out in place of the lame duck attire for cuts, bruises and general all over pain for Dripper but as the down-down utensils were forgotten (down-down for that too !) we had a *shared * container for the mouthful of dubious splash !

Great event yet again…….


Pink Bits

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