(Sorry, this is the post from 2 weeks ago, and the other one is more recent. I am slack…El Kenno. Now on to the run report by Pink Bits…)

Kia Ora to all… Good to be back …

Well on a splendid evening, a very well turned out group of Hashers, resplendent in red frocks and all manner of red attire, were duly positioned in front of Leapfrogs new toy…. a tractor … (what else …?) for the photo shoot. Oh, and for the run of course.

This was a celebration of wedding anniversary (Leapfrog/Passiona) and a Heart Foundation Fund Raiser. With the promise of a drink stop from Hare Leapfrog, we all headed of into the surrounding bushland along a very well marked trail. There were not many incidents on the way to the drink stop, although the beverage was less than gorgeous (other than to Made Muffin) so that was an incident in itself. It seems that the runners veered of trail quite a bit and arrived back from a number of directions. Maybe a few red faces too ?

Despite that we had a satisfactory circle, no least memorable due to the naming of a Hasher * SPARROW * (WARNING: Never mention a favourite movie character unless you are prepared to wear their name for ever ! Could have been worse though …)

After the circle we waited for the fabulous Nosh to arrive (thanks again to Redlight and Red Dwarf) it was a great red chilli con carne….mmmmmmmmm with some cake/sweets to follow.

All that was needed was a short wedding movie from the 80’s  …. NO WAIT … WE DID HAVE THAT TOO !

Great night

On – On

Punk Buts (spoken in New Zealandish)

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