What … No PUDDLE Warning ???

On a somewhat overcast, dark and … oh … !!!       lets face it ….  WET Sunday we gathered in a crowded carpark (but with the potential promise of hot chips later from a food van parked conveniently close)

The Hare DOSH, was quick to point in the direction of the run start and gave comprehensive instructions for both runners and walkers. So off we trudged (never a truer word !) over an EXTREMELY rocky trail, that although so well marked you could not get lost, was, nevertheless, tough as  …… Hmm I was wondering if this was a pre-cursor to one of those *Mudder* runs that I was thinking of joining ! (NOT !) It started by mostly going down but that meant, at some point, it would have to go up !

We skipped and twirled with excitement didn’t we…RUNNERS I meant as you all came back with bloodied limbs that invoked visions of twirling …. ??? Mostly falling and scratching but who am I to comment on that.

Eventually, everyone returned safe and sound ( NOTE : GPS was not present this week) Some charges were timidly given for lack of water information (Hey I’m sorry) and others for whatever the circle could think of under the circumstances. Dripping from the roof of the shelter hastened the end of the circle and, although the chips beckoned for some, others went for the yummy curry….

Hash Nosh next week folks



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One Response to “What … No PUDDLE Warning ???”

  1. Little Weed May 26, 2017 at 7:16 am #

    What NO mention of the specky scenery and amazing sky display!?