The Cul-De-Sac of Runs !

This weeks run was set from the very lofty heights of Kalamunda. The pack gathered at the end of a road which ended right there. The Hare Scooby Doo, aided and abetted by Thumper, gave directions for walkers and runners and we set of on a fabulous autumn afternoon into the local bushland. The trails were well marked and there was not much water (for a change) We wound around, up and down, down and up minding the slippy bits and the MULTITUDE of gum nuts. The views were spectacular if you dared look up from the ground ….. Occasionally we heard rustling in the bushes which indicated some runners were nearby and our paths crossed almost at the On Home !

This was a great run and, although Scooby had spent the best part of 3 1/2 hours setting it worrying the runners, it ended up being just on an hour.

In the circle, poorly conducted by Hash Vice (who had to ask for the Monks intervention to bring about some order) everyone agreed the run was good and apart from the usual charges and fines, there is nothing significant to report….NO WAIT …. YES THERE IS …..

A NAMING ….. Arianne was named …………. “SPITFIRE”  …………   (for being speedy, sporty and fiery) Congratulations !

In other business, Leapfrog has canvassed the possibility of the General Meeting held Annually to be on JULY 16th ….. A usual Sunday so please * Save the Date *    More details later  ………

We had a scrummy Hash Nosh of Spag. Bol ……. Thanks to  Red Dwarf/Redlight

On On

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