Miles and Miles To Go …. Oh Dear …. & a Belated Birthday Too !

Another beautiful Sunday afternoon had the pack mingling about in Parkerville. The Hare, Dripper, had miscalculated just a teensy – weensy bit using miles instead of kilometres on his there was a possibility it was going to be another MAMMOTH Pink Bits walk part of a few weeks ago … ! Thankfully, it wasn’t !

However, although up a few steep bits at the beginning, it was a great run/walk with scenic spots and false trails going quite a distance … Runners and walkers came in at almost the same time after about an hour. The GM convened the circle and instantly, along with the RA, charged the late comers who had driven miles across the Hills cos they went to the wrong place …. Oh, dummy spits all round for website issues etc. but still the cake arrived for the birthday 5 MONTHS OVERDUE. Very Hash …..

The down-downs were peppered (Ha Ha) with some very healthy spicy tomato juice ……. they were very popular …..(not) After, we had a multitude of snacks to finish off and some went to the Parky for a nice meal (It was freezing outside but we persevered)

On – On


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