Nameless’s Tale of 3 Schools !

Deep in the back blocks of Viveash, the Hills pack gathered at the designated spot only to have the Hare call on the phone saying that he had not yet finished setting the run …… (or was he just lost ???)

He did get back just in time for a late start (we had many tardy arrivals) and set us off for what promised to be a long run. VERY LONG IT TURNED OUT !

Walkers were told it was just up to the school and back along the river, but …. there were 3 schools and we weren’t sure which one so a bit confusing….. Never mind, it was a lovely afternoon and no hills or gravel. It was really *dog alley* so many pooches had meet and greet moments along the way. I especially liked the Hash dog meet another similar breed – one had been soaked in Napisan , one hadn’t … can you guess which one was WHITER ?

The runners went sooooooooo much further afield. I believe they passed the Woodbridge Tavern at one point, quite worried that there was no sign of a return trail. Eventually they did get back in straggly groups, some from directions that did not make any sense, some sore with tender parts, all sweaty !

In the circle, down-downs were many especially for the Hare. We had a couple of visitors who sampled our hospitality and may be back. Hope so ……

Next week we will have Nosh so bring your gear and lanterns, torches etc

On On


Pink Bits x

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