They’ve Gone The Wrong Way ….!

This week we met in the back blocks. The Hare, Skippy, kindly waited for a short time till all the slack Hashers arrived…. so kind !

There was a trail for runners and a separate one for walkers. With the lure of a drink stop, we headed off on a sunny afternoon, it was good to be in the big outdoors. Both trails were, apparently, well marked.

At the drink stop someone hid the beverages from the runners,( no name – no pack drill !) but found them quickly….

Then the fun started, … the runners took off at the rate of knots up a BIG hill (am lying … there was much groaning …) but walkers were offered a choice *on back* or a slightly longer loop. Some chose the former and some didn’t. Now, the SHOCKING thing was that Leapfrog (never, ever follow her … ) chose the longer loop AND, chose it correctly ! Not so for others, we waited ages for them to arrive..fortunately with the keys to the beverage vehicle !!! They took the *Long Way Home* even though the Hare called them back ! Too much chatting !

Dripper, as ACTING RA, (and he wont get any Oscars for that ….) felt a lot of power that went to his head. I mean fancy DEMANDING that no-one was to EVER …Um …re-arrange the drink recepie….. I mean where is the fun in that ?

Anyway, we survived the circle, if a little ticked off, and Hash Nosh arrived with a sumptious repast.

With the night closing in we took comfort in the fire pit to keep the wolves at bay…. Hooooooowl…Hoooo Hoooo Hoooooo ! Hoooowl !

On -On

PB   x

One Response to “They’ve Gone The Wrong Way ….!”

  1. Little Weed June 25, 2017 at 6:37 am #

    Yeah well if THAT someone hadn’t hid the beers, the walkers would have had MORE of that delish bubbly…. Hic hic