Franger’s run last Sunday.

A surprisingly large group of runners and walkers turned up at the Glen Forest Tennis club on a pretty cold afternoon.

After some vague directions to the walkers, they headed off to the South, while the runners headed off in the opposite direction. Within seconds, the runners were almost back to the start again. This set the tone for the rest of the run, constantly looping back and forth, not to mention, up and down.

A long hard run with lots of false trails and a somewhat confusing end, not many saw the “On Home”.

In the circle we farewelled Pickup Chick and Lady Ga Ga for a few years in Karratha, apparently Tick Head and Piping Hot had already left to get out of the cold.

Leapfrog was fined for listing to the footy during the circle (Freo lost, again!).

The General meeting held annually is at Passiona and Leap Frog’s place on Sunday the 16th of July. Run and walk at the normal time followed by Nosh.

On On Passiona

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