Oh My … What a Great Run !

In usual style, P M managed to set one of those great, well organised runs !

From a venue well known to us all, (some might say too often lately !) we were informed that the start was as flat as any Hills Hash run could be in the area OF HILLS !!! ….

Bless him … he did his best to herd the pack on – on with promises of trail to suit everyone…. Walkers had little dinky W’s and runners the usual blobs of flour.

It was a very well marked trail, so well marked that some of the walkers felt they could veer off to a private house for a beverage or two, not realising that they missed a significant loop (not so clever really eh !???) back to the start.

The runners enjoyed themselves galloping gallantly up and down hills… (no wait, … no hills here !) Injuries were either non-existant or very well hidden.

Gathering round the tinyest fire known to man, everyone returned safe and sound and gathered themselves ….. In the circle, which was unremarkable, short and with only a few down-downs as we ran out quickly (due to errant walkers !) the run was judged as outstanding….


Next week is the Meeting Held Annually Every Year so look forward to much merriment and intruige as the new committee is voted in and coveted awards are given out to deserving Hashers.



Pink Bits x


Hash Scribe

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