Out With The Old – In With The New ! (or The All Aldi Run !)

On a very pleasant afternoon, we gathered at the chosen venue for our *annual meeting held each year*

The Hare’s set a short but sweet run meandering through orchards, paddocks and laneways. It was indeed short and we were back in no time at all, ready to get into the celebrations and frivolities of this annual event held annually !

There was a bit of a circle with the run being voted as good by both runners and walkers. Then a few random charges, such as new faces, no Hash gear and other minimal stuff.

Then the formalities began in earnest with awards given to deserving (or not) Hashers and then ……. Taa   Daa ! …..  Election of the NEW  CUMMITTEE …. Hmph ….

So, then it was all over ……. You know … just like that …!

Who is the new committee you ask  … ?

As follows …


GM –    Wacuda

Hash Vice –   Skippy

RA –    Dosh

On Sec –   PM

Hash Splash – Little Weed

Hash Nosh –   Red Dwarf

Hash Haberdash –    Light My Fire

Hash Cash & Historian –    Leapfrog

Hash Hacker –   El Keeno

Hash Flash –   Dripper

Hash Scribe –   Pink Bits

Hash Horn –   Skippy


& Uncle Tom Cobbley and All !


Congrats to all and see you next week ! ! !


On – On

Pink Bits x

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