Where Are You Scooby Doo …? REVISITED

As the weather closed in and rain was imminent, the new GM and RA appeared just in time. I think the RA was hoping to appease the Rain Gods but it wasn’t really working. The Hare, GPS, gave some quick instructions as walkers and runners set off in their respective directions.


Runners sped off quick smart and walkers put up their brolly’s and braved the wind and rain (tough lot !) but not all as a few were reluctant to get drenched so hung about with random people sheltering under the meagre railway awning.

Eventually, we all went for a bit of a walk and caught up with returning walkers. Very funny really as it was such a short walk we were back in 30 minutes. Runners were out a little bit longer but some trail had washed out so GPS was herding the pack like a mother – hen ! Sweet ….

It was with some cobnsternation that we waited for 2 missing runners, 3 if you count GPS arriving via a short cut ….AHA …..He DOES deserve the SCB Trophy ! Still no sign of Scooby and a visiting Hasher but everyone swore they saw them arriving at the station at the back of the pack !????

After a serious discussion re:Occ Health & Safety, we carried on with the circle where there were lots of down-downs  from the new RA as well as name badges given out to very excited littles ! There had been cake for Sheep Shunters birthday so obviously he had a down-down as well !

We then finished and thought about leaving the lost Hashers to their fate (being mauled by small rodents, having wet dangly bits of bush slithering over them !) but some of us stayed and we sent GPS off on his bike to look for them. At exactly that time they returned, safe and sound having just been on a tourist trek ! (Lecture about safety was given but apparently they did tell someone ! …Next time tell someone who is not deaf ! ! !)

Oh it was a good run really and a few of us had a super HOT curry later …. Certainly warmed the cockles …..YUUUMMMMMM !

Dress up next week to celebrate Drippers 600th run !

On – On

Pink Bits   x

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