Best Ever False Trail Start … EVER … !

What an amazing start to this weeks run …. a false trail right at the start …. Ha Ha ! Well, it was only on the walkers trail but still FUNNY  !  This falsie fooled no-one … !

As we has no Hash GM or Hash Nun,  we managed … (no-one is to mention Freo footy next week …TAKE NOTE OF THAT  …  )

Great turn-out and no sign of rain so all good …

We went on what was described for walkers as *usually the runners trail* but sooooo picturesque and with views that were stunning (glad we live here eh ???)

So after a wonderful frolic through the “bursting with buds bushland”, we wound back at the fabulous rendevous of D’ton PO ! Oh ! Joy and Jumping Jacks …. T’was good people … and no lost bods or injuries … Too good.

We had a VIRGIN runner today who tried to name himself  (I think he may have had insider information ?   Or… why name himself as * Condom*  … No wait .. got that wrong …  Qandong  ..or something …..  but of course it went badly for him and he may be *Ding-Dong* or even *Avon*)

Tee… Hee …

Oh too much information so we had a great night and NOSH was super and warm and filling ! Thanks guys !

On – On till next week…


P B   x

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