Celebration To The Max ….or…..The Curious Incident of the Water In Face !

Magic moments folks …and this was one of them …

We celebrated a special !st birthday of baby Max who will now be known as * The Teflon Kid *  !

We assembled at the home of Skimpy and family with promises of bonfire, jolly boating, canoeing and swimming ! Not a great deal of these were EVER going to happen but the bonfire did & was good !

Anyway, we were given instructions by Free Beer (interpreting for Teflon Kid who was the offiicial Hare …) and some vague extra stuff from Skimpy …. HOWEVER, he ommitted quite a lot,  as many Hashers were not totally familiar with 4H signs ….  Hence the walkers were led on a completely random meander around the ‘burb …. with the promise of a drink stop …(what milk and cookies  …?) YES it did magically appear, and we had bubbly stuff and still brown nectar … YUM … Then it was back to the start which was an interesting walk with Skimpy waving arms around in relevant direction … (did I mention he kept going the wrong way most of the walk cos he *knew knot where he was* ….Groan)

Oh …and so it went but eventually runners and walkers were back and we had some nibblies and Birthday Cake !

Young Max got his name and had a lot of help from Mum in blowing out his candles ! (Of course the incident of having a cup of water thrown into his face will haunt him for a long time …!) Too much enthusiasm methinks …!

The runners were reasonably happy with the trail but walkers were not as it was erratically marked …What would you expect from a 1 year old crawling the whole trail ? …

After the circle we had a bit of a warm up round the bonfire before going home for a nice glass of milk and a nap !



P B xxx

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