Run #1830

Twenty nine hashmen and harriettes squeezed their cars into the intersection of Park road and Great Eastern highway opposite Bilgoman pool for a romp in John Forrest National Park. The park ranger promptly closed the park gates at 4 pm so what were we waiting for to start the run? Dripper?? The walkers proceeded along a nice bush trail with abundant purple flowers to view. The trail ended at the viewpoint of the Perth skyline on Park road. Runners followed a more circuitous route. A long stretch down through trail-less bush coming out on a firebreak road that wound its way up over a hill an eventually down to the old railroad at the entrance to the tunnel. A flat stretch along the old railroad then a grueling uphill slog back to Park road and an easy On In to the drink coolers.  Notable welcome backs were the Marsot family. Don’t wait so long till your next return! Short cutting special of the night went to Shagged Out who was shagged out after the first hill. On On till next week…..P. Merah

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