Boutique Stand-In Run

This was indeed a select boutique run with a moderate number of Hashers rolling up on a warm evening.

It was evident at the start that the GM, RA & On-Sec were not going to be present so it was a *STAND-IN* event. Taking on their roles VERY importantly, the temp. GM welcomed everyone and the Hare gave out some vague instructions (as usual) There was a runners and walkers trail, so we were off in different directions. The walk was most pleasant and very well marked, (which did not stop some walkers going off in wrong direction down driveways …!) Runners were not even heard (horn) for quite some time but on returning, judging by the RED faces (not making a joke of this …!) it had been of a fair distance and, despite the heat, (AND NO DRINK STOP) a good run. Apparently, there had been a short stop to investigate a ….. ahem … little cubby deep in the bush which was of some interest to some !

In the circle, the temp RA did his best to deliver charges but was at a loss as he had been on the walkers trail due to a niggling leg. However, there were plenty of charges from the pack to keep the Hash Splash busy !

On a special note, Hills Hash House Harriers are now sporting a new look t-shirt ! It is very smart and makes us look really sporty (Hee ! Hee !) Its all about the look …. get yours soon …….. Thanks to Sheep-Shunter/Light My Fire for your efforts in getting the gear !

On – On


Pink Bits xxx

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