Another Boutique (with Gourmet Overtones) Run …..

A select group of keen Hashers congregated ouside a well known establishment in Chidlow to partake of a ramble/scramble in the back-blocks ! Hare’s Dripper and Pink Bits were worried that it would be a very hot day so went early to set the moderate length  trails. As it turned out, it was overcast and not that hot after all.
Both the run and walk were not too long or arduous so we had everyone back in under an hour. The drink stop was at the end and was refreshing.
In the circle, the RA could not think of any charges so it was left up to the pack to suggest a few…. Nothing too significant as we were looking forward to a BBQ. Once the barbie was hot we cooked and cooked and ate and ate.
Twas good … and very gourmet ……. !
On – On
Pink Bits xxx
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